I made a cart cover for my granddaughter!!


2- 1 1/2 yards fabric ( I used 2 different pieces of  polar fleece )

1 1/2 yards elastic


1 buckle


1 yard contrasting fabric

batting if you want a padded cover

I have also made them with cotton fabric with a batting in the middle!

I cut out strips to make a binding around the edge, and for the straps for toys.

cut a piece of elastic at about 1 1/2 yards!

I added a buckle to the webbing and this will be inserted into the slits you make on the back of the cover.

I also made a couple of pockets out of the contrasting fabric and sewed one on the front above the leg holes and one on the side for toys or bottles!!

these are the straps I made to hang toys on the cover.

I used this cute animal fabric that could be used for a boy or a girl. I have also made them out of paperdoll fabric for girls which was really cute.

You can see that I sewed a pocket on the front and one on the side of the leg holes!

This is what it looked like before I put on the casing for the elastic!

Pinning on the casing.

Threading the elastic through!

I also sewed some of the green polar fleece around the leg holes!

Here is the finished product! Maybe I can update with a picture of my granddaughter in it!!