Stolen by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD with Cecil Murphey


This book will make you cry!! Katriina is an abused 13 year old girl who doesn’t feel loved! One day an older girl comes around and befriends her, and she feels like she finally has a friend. Mary takes an interest in her listening to what Kat has to say, which makes her more endearing to her. One day she goes to some meetings with her mother where Billy Graham was speaking and she told her mom that was what she wanted and went up front, the words she remembered him saying were: God will never leave you or forsake you. Mary helped her to loose some weight and built up her self-esteem. Mary was grooming her for a life she didn’t know about, Mary took her and tried to sell her to a man for $550 but God intervened on her behalf. “Others came to help Kat make it up to Mary” they tried to kill her God intervened again!  They moved but she was back to having no self-esteem and started hanging out with other kids who had been molested or abused!  One of those became a good friend and after awhile found herself in a sex-trafficking ring. As I was reading this book I wondered how a girl could get pulled back in time after time, what a horrible time she went through and I would never want to see this happen to anyone so if you have daughters or friends with daughters you should tell them about it, I never knew it was happening all over. This book is about how God can bring triumph from tragedy!


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